Flashcards: Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs)

Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) are a hot topic in the traffic industry. ATSPMs use data from controllers and traffic probes to help agencies quickly identify, prioritize, and resolve traffic operations problems.

We’ve put together a handy set of flashcards to serve as a guide for ATSPMs. They’ll help you measure the performance of your intersections.

What's inside:

We’ve got a detailed list of 15 performance metrics. Each flashcard includes a definition, interpretation, and use case. The performance metrics include:

  • Corridor Heatmap
  • Arterial Analysis
  • Travel Time
  • Approach Volumes
  • Arrivals on Red
  • Purdue Coordination Diagram (PCD)
  • Occupancy Ratio
  • Split Failures
  • Split Trend
  • Split Analysis
  • Simple Approach Delay
  • Phase Interval
  • Green Allocation
  • Pedestrian Delay
  • Intersection Report Card