ATSPMs: Stories from the Field Part 2

You may have checked out our webinar last December, ATSPMs: Stories from the field. Now, due to popular demand we’re bringing it back with two new stories! In this next installment, Traffic Engineering Specialist, Sajad Shiravi will walk you through practical examples that show how ATSPM data and workflows identified and addressed real issues found in North American traffic networks this past year. These examples will cover maintenance problems to operational and signal optimization related issues, to demonstrate how ATSPMs continue to enable a data-driven approach towards diagnosing and addressing inefficiencies in traffic networks.

In this webinar you’ll learn how ATSPMs helped two cities with:

  • Maintenance: Diagnosis and traffic effects of a broken detector on corridor performance.
  • Operations: Diagnosis and effects of inconsistent coordination along a corridor and its effects on a turning movement along the corridor.  
  • Optimization: How the data helped identify and develop a new time of day plan for an early peak that was not designed for, and how it reduced travel times along the corridor.


Sajad Shiravi
Traffic Engineering Specialist

Sajad Shiravi is a Traffic Engineering Specialist at Miovision. He’s earned a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering and received his Master of Science degree in Transportation Engineering from the University of New Brunswick. Over the last three years at Miovision, Sajad has been helping customers put ATSPMs into practice and successfully incorporating the data into their daily workflows. He also helps the product team in developing new metrics to enhance  the value our products bring to our users.


Katerina Hyzyk
Marketing Programs Manager

Katerina Hyzyk is the Marketing Programs Manager at Miovision. She informs and connects transportation professionals with solutions that can help transform their operations. She’s passionate about Smart Cities, and advancing transportation technologies that improve traffic networks and benefit citizens.