ATSPMs webinar recording: Stories from the field


You’ve heard about ATSPMs and why the FHWA has made them a key EDC-4 priority for 2017-2018. Now it's time to see how traffic operations teams are applying them in their cities.

Watch the webinar recording of Sajad Shiravi as he presents two case studies from Miovision customers who are making improvements to the traffic networks in their cities. The first Case Study will show how an agency made dramatic improvements to a Split Allocation problem after applying data-driven decision making. The second Case Study will examine how TOD (Time of Day) plan adjustments were implemented as a result of seasonal activity from a nearby school. Real solutions to the problems traffic operations teams face on a daily basis.

In this webinar we cover:

  • Why ATSPMs are important
  • An overview of how they’re being used in Traffic Operations
  • 2 case studies from cities in North America who are using ATSPMs

About the speakers

Sajad Shiravi
Traffic Engineering Specialist

Sajad Shiravi is a traffic engineering specialist at Mioviosion. He’s earned a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering and received his Master of Science degree in Transportation Engineering from the University of New Brunswick. He a final year PhD candidate at the University of Waterloo in Transportation Engineering as has been working closely with Miovision to analyze and put ATSPMs into practice in the past year.


Katerina Hyzyk
Marketing Programs Manager

Katerina Hyzyk is the Marketing Programs Manager for ITS at Miovision. She informs and connects transportation professionals with solutions that can help transform their operations. She’s passionate about Smart Cities, and advancing transportation technologies that improve traffic networks and benefit citizens.