Prove the ROI of signal retiming with travel time and vehicle volumes

Public agencies use signal retiming to help reduce congestion and improve travel times along signalized roadways. But without a permanent system in place to continuously collect and analyze intersection data, it can be difficult to measure the ROI on a signal retiming project. But, clever uses of portable traffic data collection tools, combined with engineering analysis, can help you prove the impact of signal retiming projects. In fact, Imperial Traffic Data Collection did just that for their customer in New Jersey, using vehicle volume and travel time data collected with Miovision Scout units.

Join our webinar on Wednesday February 20, 1pm EST to learn about how this traffic data was collected and used in an engineering analysis to prove the retiming project resulted in:

  • 14% reduction in travel time for all movements,
  • more consistent travel experiences for citizens, and
  • an estimated +$300,000 in fuel cost savings to road users.

About the speakers:

Sajad Shiravi
Senior Traffic Engineering Specialist

Sajad Shiravi is a Traffic Engineering Specialist at Miovision. He’s earned a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering and received his Master of Science degree in Transportation Engineering from the University of New Brunswick. Over the last three years at Miovision, Sajad has been helping customers put ATSPMs into practice and successfully incorporating the data into their daily workflows. He also helps the product team in developing new metrics to enhance  the value our products bring to our users.


Katerina Hyzyk
Marketing Programs Manager

Katerina Hyzyk is the Marketing Programs Manager at Miovision. She informs and connects transportation professionals with solutions that can help transform their operations. She’s passionate about Smart Cities, and advancing transportation technologies that improve traffic networks and benefit citizens.


Lindsey Klein
President Imperial Data Collection

Lindsey Klein is The President of Imperial Data Collection. She has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics. Lindsey then went on to work for Taylor Wiseman & Taylor as a traffic engineer before eventually founding Imperial Traffic and Data Collection. Lindsey oversees the daily operation at Imperial Traffic & Data Collection, where they specialize in Turning Movement Counts, ATR Counts, Speed and Delay Data, Pedestrian and Bicycle Counts, and more.


Watch the recording: