Celebrating 10 Years: A Letter from our CEO

Today is Miovision’s 10th anniversary. Going from start-up to scale-up calls for celebration. It also calls for forward thinking because, without question, our greatest accomplishments still lie ahead of us.

This journey began with a few guys sitting around in a basement. We knew only two things: we wanted to be a company and we wanted to be disruptive. There had been no innovation in traffic in a long time. We did our research and grew passionate. We figured a little company could have a big impact on the traffic gridlock that has been plaguing cities around the globe. We didn’t realize it then, but we were already starting to tackle problems that would lay the foundations for smarter cities.

We were one of the first tenants of University of Waterloo’s Accelerator Centre. We started out with six people in 715 square feet that I could never imagine us filling. We “graduated” (at the insistence of the Accelerator Centre) to our own office space when our 20th hire found herself at a desk in a hallway.  We could barely find her among all the inventory we had crammed out there. Worse for the AC, we had so many second-hand computer monitors, we kept tripping their breakers.

We have outgrown a few spaces now. However, when I think about growth, I don’t think in terms of office space, employees or revenue. Instead, I remember back to using our first product, Scout, when we would celebrate every time we processed 1,000 hours of video. Then we started celebrating every 10,000. Then every 100,000. When we hit 1,000,000, we stopped bothering. It’s amazing to me that we now process more in an average day than we did in our entire first year in business.

People ask us how we stayed so motivated through the last 10 years in an industry resistant to change. It’s because we care deeply about the citizen experience. We believe that cities can offer something vastly superior to the traffic and gridlock we experience today. We know it can be done better. And we are going to prove it to the world.

In the next decade, the definition of city infrastructure will fundamentally change. Every process and piece of infrastructure will undergo a renewal in the next 10 to 15 years. It’s a pretty huge opportunity and Miovision is poised to take advantage of it. Right now, we’re on the verge of disrupting markets, changing our operations to enable faster global market penetration and improving the customer experience. We’re working hard to deliver on our vision of building the foundations for smart cities. We’re excited that customers are adopting Spectrum, traffic signal connectivity and management, now commercially available. We are doing all of these things in parallel while growing our team and, speaking at least for myself, having a blast!

Many thanks to the incredible team at Miovision and a community that’s been so supportive from the start. I am so proud to be part of this team and community, and I am so pumped to see what is in store for us on the other side of this great decade.


Kurtis McBride