Miovision wraps up its first-ever Envision Live event

Broadcast live from Catalyst 137—the world’s largest Internet of Things (IoT) campus located in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada—Envision welcomed in-person and virtual attendees from the transportation industry and featured some exciting releases and important discussions related to the efficiency and safety of today’s traffic networks. 

From gathering reliable multimodal traffic data to proactively addressing safety concerns, featured speakers at the event explored some of the latest solutions and innovations designed to support Complete Streets and Vision Zero goals, including:

“If data is at the core of making traffic better,” Miovision CEO, Kurtis McBride explained, “the industry really needs tools with the flexibility of the human eye that are also scalable, affordable, and verifiably accurate.” 

To provide a deeper dive into these releases, a new three-part webinar series focused on making every road user count also launched, providing more information on Miovision’s e-Scooter Classification, Safety Analytics, and Continuous Counts. 

Envision 2020 came to a close with one important question for all attendees: What traffic challenges are you facing? Share your story for the opportunity to receive a 90-day pilot program from Miovision. 

Did you miss the livestream? View a recording of the event


Starting with reliable data

With the release of a TrafficLink Accuracy Whitepaper, McBride encouraged attendees to be armed with the right questions to ensure potential vendors can meet their data accuracy goals. 

“We believe that accuracy is not something you can solve with marketing taglines,” he said. “We believe that accuracy needs to be relentlessly addressed as a data science problem.” 


Understanding the impact of micromobility 

Tim Lavell, Miovision Head of Revenue, spoke to attendees about multimodal data collection, specifically micromobility devices like e-Scooters. “e-Scooters are solving a very real-world problem today called first and last-mile transportation”, Lavell explained, “and they’re here to stay.” 

With some real-life examples, including the City of Atlanta’s story about the recent boom in e-Scooter use and the safety concerns that arose for these vulnerable road users, Lavell informed attendees that Miovision would be offering an e-Scooter custom classification to help municipalities understand how these devices are being used within their networks. 


Shifting to proactive safety initiatives

Every year 1.25 million people die on roads around the world and an additional 20 to 50 million are injured. In an effort to achieve Vision Zero, many communities are looking for new ways to solve their traffic safety challenges. Traditionally, solutions to address safety issues are reactive, responding to historical crash data. 

Erin Skimson, Miovision VP Product Management, shared with Envision attendees that Miovision Safety Analytics could provide traffic teams with the insights needed to proactively identify potential road safety issues and measure the impact of countermeasures. “These safety analytics provide tools to understand and quantify, for both pedestrians and drivers, what’s happening at an intersection before collisions occur,” Skimson said, “and this is only the beginning.”  

Visit the Envision Resource Center to learn more about any of the important announcements and releases from Envision 2020.

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