How Cities Improve Safety and Reduce Speeds Using Miovision Solutions

By: Miovision Team | Mar 31, 2022
Improve Safety & Reduce Speeds - Miovision

Improving road safety is always a top priority for any traffic expert and city planner. Reducing speeds, improving flow and protecting the most vulnerable road users are paramount to designing safer streets and healthy communities. Traffic engineers have tough decisions to make when it comes to designing roadways that can accommodate various types of road users. Motorized vehicles have different needs and priorities than other users, like pedestrians or cyclists. It can be difficult for cities to successfully measure and justify the engineering designs that solve traffic safety challenges.

Changes made for one class of road users will impact another. Conflicts of interest and travel expectations can waver support from the general public, something needed for changes to be approved by a city council. Gaining permissions and approvals to implement the changes required to create safer roadways in your city require proof and data models to secure funding for these life-saving projects.

Employing our comprehensive solutions, agencies and municipalities can create intricate models of potential impact for proposed changes, from individual intersections, to entire traffic corridors. Miovision deployments empower cities and organizations to conduct their own studies independently, without the need for a third party consultation agency. Having the means to conduct these traffic studies and analyses independently can save cities thousands of dollars and expedite project timelines by months, and even years.

In October 2020, the City of Quincy, Massachusetts was tasked with improving the safety and reducing speeds on their busiest corridor. The city needed council approval and funding to undertake projects aimed at keeping the city’s most vulnerable road users safe. Public expectation of travel time and an already difficult traffic situation in the city proved to be the major challenges to fix the corridor. The Miovision solutions helped the city solve their traffic problems, independently, and in a fraction of the time it takes other vendors to solve similar problems.

To learn more about how the City of Quincy utilized Miovision solutions to achieve their project goals and how you can empower your traffic team to do the same, read the Case Study here!