Indiana DOT selects Miovision to automate their traffic data collection

January 7, 2013 – Kitchener, Ontario – Miovision, a leading provider of intelligent solutions for improving global traffic networks, announced today that the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has purchased 42 of Miovision’s Scout video collection units to standardize and automate their traffic data collection for state transportation projects.

Indiana’s transportation agencies strive to plan, build, maintain and operate a superior transportation system that enhances the safety, mobility and economic growth for the state’s 6.5 million residents. In the past, INDOT used manual data collection methods or road tubes to capture traffic data for various traffic studies and applications. However, capturing accurate traffic data with road tubes was difficult for congested roads or ramps. INDOT needed a solution that would allow them to collect accurate and reliable traffic data in locations and conditions where traditional manual methods were ineffective.

Implementing the Miovision Scout VCU will help INDOT to collect accurate traffic data, automatically and safely, while reducing operational overhead and time costs. These cost savings are passed on to Indiana taxpayers; the state can now collect more traffic data for transportation projects that reduce congestion, travel time, emissions and fuel expenses, at less cost.

INDOT will additionally benefit from administrative efficiencies, as the entire state will be standardized on one system – the online Miovision traffic data management portal – to access and share traffic data reports and video files for managing transportation projects. By adopting automated traffic data collection technology, INDOT can now readily complete 12 and 24-hour traffic turning movement counts, decreasing their reliance on external traffic consultants to perform intersection balancing and factoring for 2, 6 and 10-hour traffic studies.

INDOT is responsible for state roads, interstates and U.S. routes and related construction, maintenance and traffic control of these roads. INDOT is also responsible for the traffic data collection on all non-state jurisdictional facilities that use federal funds. INDOT partners with metropolitan and rural planning organization and consultants to support its statewide traffic data collection program.

About Miovision Technologies

Based out of Kitchener, Ontario, Miovision is a technology organization that creates intelligent traffic data collection solutions to address challenges facing today’s transportation networks. Miovision also has a European office in Cologne, Germany and boasts customers across 5 continents and in over 40 countries. For additional information about Miovision, visit the company page at


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