Case Study – Ingebaires Decreases Traffic Study Costs by Nearly 70%

Ingebaires SLU was looking for a traffic data collection solution that would allow them to collect more data and have the capacity to service more clients while not being limited to working only in daytime hours or mild weather conditions. After investigating their options and current business environment, they needed an automated system that was non-intrusive and that would provide accurate data in various weather conditions and during the night.


Based in Vigo, Spain, Ingebaires SLU is a civil engineering consulting company which focuses on feasibility studies as well as projects related to environmental and sustainable mobility. They work on behalf of the public sector, both locally and regionally, and complete both turning movement count and roundabout studies annually. Their offices are located in Spain, Argentina and USA.


Ingebaires SLU needed a better traffic data collection solution in order to have the capacity to take on more clients and collect more data. Previously, Ingebaires SLU had used manual counting methods which consisted of using paper/pen to record data while making manual observations. Manual data collection was assessed to be either infeasible or impossible during nighttime and poor weather conditions, so data could only be collected between 8 am – 7 pm. Upon evaluation of various options in the marketplace, they decided they wanted to use a non-intrusive technology and disqualified the use of road tubes or radar as a result. The new solution required:
  • High data accuracy;
  • Automated data collection process that can collect data at night and during poor weather;
  • Reduce study completion turnaround time;
  • Non-intrusive;
  • Portable and can be transported to various locations

‘”Since using the Miovision system, we no longer need to worry about the data accuracy or the weather conditions in traffic data collection.”‘ Sergio Bastianelli, Director of Traffic Projects


After determining their traffic data collection criteria, Ingebaires SLU found Miovision through online research and sought out customer reviews from two clients. Miovision aligned with their goals to provide a solution that expanded their data collection capabilities to all hours of the day, in any weather conditions. With Miovision’s easy to use set-up and deployment process, they were able to quickly start their traffic data collection. Ingebaires SLU attained 50-70% in total cost savings for traffic data studies by increasing productivity and decreasing lead time.


Ingebaires SLU started to realize the benefits of Miovision’s automated solution with their first study. They reduced study turnaround time by 60% and costs by 50-70%, while improving their accuracy to 95-98%.

Increased Productivity by 60%

Using manual counters significantly restricted the amount of counts that Ingebaires SLU was able to complete in a given time. Poor weather conditions and night prevented manual data collection. In utilizing Miovision’s automated solution, Ingebaires SLU has now doubled their productivity and expanded data collection from 8-12 hours per study to 24 hours per study. This also increased overall productivity by 60%. They no longer needed to rely on a manual pen/paper method and can continue data collection during the night and during poor weather conditions, such as rain.

‘”Thanks to using Miovision’s technology, our productivity has doubled. Now we can count in more places and more hours, at the same time with a reduced time investment.”‘  Sergio Bastianelli, Director of Traffic Projects

Reduced Study Turnaround by 60%

Manual counting was a labour intensive process not only in counting traffic but also manually processing the results. Utilizing an automated system also allows for faster data processing while mitigating human error. Video is recorded, stored and available for review if needed through Miovision’s secure, online portal, Ingebaires SLU was able to decrease total study time from 5 days to 2 days – a 60% reduction. Using this new process has significantly increased accuracy from 75-80% with manual counting to 95-98% with Miovision. This level of data accuracy is comparable to that of the Galician government and their data collection methods.

Decreased Costs by Up To 70% per Study

Decreasing total study turnaround time while increasing productivity and working hours directly impacted costs. Ingebaires SLU reduced costs by 50- 70% per study. The average cost for a manual study was 380€. With Miovision, the average study cost decreased to 150€.


Ingebaires-Hours of Data Collected

Figure 1: Ingebaires SLU was able to increase their data collection hours to include weekends and nights with no added manual work.

Figure 2: Ingebaires SLU was able to reduce their traffic study turnaround time from 5 days to 2 days.

Figure 3: Ingebaires SLU increased their data accuracy to 95-98% using Miovision.



In utilizing Miovision’s automated solution, Ingebaires SLU was able to quickly expand their traffic data collection capabilities and take on more clients. They achieved the benefits of using a fully automated and easy to use solution quickly. As a result of deploying Miovision’s system, Ingebaires SLU achieved:

  • Doubled total working hours – recording all night, rather than limited to 8 am – 7 pm or restricted by poor weather conditions;
  • Increased productivity – rose by 60%;
  • Improved accuracy from 75-80% with manual counting to 95-98% with Miovision’s automation;
  • Decrease study turnaround time by 60%, from 5 days to 2 days.