Keeping customers in control – today and in the future

Miovision believes that public agencies should control their municipality’s evolution towards smart cities. That means having effective tools that can meet emerging needs, connect to existing infrastructure, and share data easily between systems and stakeholders. In short, the tools municipalities use should adapt to how they want to work, not the other way around.

That’s an approach that guides the products we build and sell today. But, we’re also always thinking about the future.

As cities collect more data, they will want to think about how to share that data in a way that provides value to their citizens and maintains control from a security, privacy and intellectual property point of view. We wondered – what kind of legal and technical frameworks might cities need to make that happen? We worked on a project, funded by Compute Ontario and ORION, to explore this topic; in fact our report on this project was recently released by ORION/Compute Ontario. It’s one of three ORION/Compute Ontario projects; also read about MaRS’s work exploring Smart City Data Trusts and IC/ES’s work looking at improving access to health data. The findings from these projects were summarized in a final report, which includes recommendations on smart city data governance.

One of the things we learned from working on this project was that building the needed technical and legal frameworks is relatively straightforward. But, creating the appropriate policy framework around digital public architectures is harder. It requires input from both technology and public policy experts to ensure that municipalities have the capabilities they need to enact public policy through their digital tools. Building stuff is easy. Building the right stuff is a bit more complicated.

To address this more complex question, Miovision became a founding member of the Open City Network (OCN), a not-for-profit organization that’s bringing together policy experts, technologists and other stakeholders to articulate a vision for a national system of digital public infrastructure for our cities. Learn more about the OCN via their website and briefing document.

We’re excited to be part of this important dialogue – both through the OCN and through public agencies like ORION/Compute Ontario – exploring how to empower cities and towns to determine how they want to use data to make life better for their citizens.

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