Case Study: McClure Engineering reduces data collection time by 65%

McClure Engineering manages a number of large projects which require traffic data collection. During peak periods, simultaneous projects can tie up their staff which draws out lead time for completing various traffic studies. As a result, they were looking for a traffic data collection solution that would free up company resources while providing timely and accurate traffic data.


McClure Engineering has been in business for over 50 years and provides a full spectrum of engineering services to municipal, county, state and private clients. They have 4 offices that span across Iowa and Missouri. Most of their traffic studies require turning movement counts, but they also collect origin-destination studies and daily traffic count data. They complete about a dozen studies annually.


Since McClure Engineering provides a full spectrum of engineering services, data collection is only a fraction of the project tasks. Previously, McClure Engineering used manual counting methods by two individuals which included a counting board or recording on paper. This was a timely process, and depending on the length of the study, could take up a staff member’s entire day. Staff members weren’t always available to complete studies during busy periods and as a result, the data collection could be delayed several weeks. As a result, McClure Engineering needed a solution that had the following:

  • Quick setup for traffic data collection;
  • Faster data/report turnaround time;
  • Accurate data that was cost effective to collect;
  • Automated reporting – no manual data entry into a report/spreadsheet

‘”Using Miovision has allowed us to get count data quicker. It is no longer an all day process that requires one or two staff members but only one staff member that has available time to travel to the site and back.”‘ Lisa Vandenberg, Traffic Engineer

Figure 1: McClure Engineering was able to decrease their study labor time from 28 to 10 hours.


Decreased study turnaround time by 65%

McClure Engineering evaluated Miovision and found that they were able to decrease staff time by 65%. The total setup and dis-assembly time was about 1/8 of the usual time commitment needed to complete a count manually. The Scout video collection units are fully automated and the only time requirement for data collection was the setup which could be done by one individual in a matter of minutes.

Automated processing – Mitigated human error

Once the video was captured, it could be uploaded and processed through (TDO). Reporting turnaround was a matter of days in comparison to a week or longer. Having an automated reporting function removed any need for manual data entry.

Reduced costs – 36-45% in savings

The study turnaround time was reduced by 65%, which in turn, decreased the cost of completing studies by approximately 36-45%. Using the Scout for a study at a single intersection would decrease costs by 36%. Savings increased dramatically to 45% for counts performed at two intersections on the same arterial.

Figures 2 and 3: McClure Engineering was able to save 36% in costs for a single intersection count, and 45% in costs using Miovision at two intersections on the same arterial. – One Centralized Data Location (TDO) is Miovision’s online traffic reporting and traffic data management software. This is used to upload and process video as well as to review completed reports. Having a video recording of the count allows for auditing or reviewing the data as well as sharing with clients. Previously, this was not possible from the manual counting process since there was no recorded information available. Once uploaded, the videos were available through TDO and able to be accessed at any time. [av_icon_box icon=’ue833′ font=’entypo-fontello’ position=’top’ title='”The client interaction of data sharing is valuable to both us and our clients. Instead of sending files, the client is now able to retrieve the reports and view the video online. Having all the information stored on another server is also great for our IT department.”‘ link=” linktarget=” linkelement=”] Lisa Vandenberg, Traffic Engineer [/av_icon_box] [av_hr class=’default’ height=’50’ shadow=’no-shadow’ position=’center’]


Utilizing Miovision’s automated traffic data collection system helped to significantly alleviate staff resources and time in collecting data. It allowed for fast setup and turnaround time for the data collection. Also, having a record of the video allowed for the possibility of a data audit which was not possible through manual counting. McClure Engineering not only saved time, but costs associated with traffic data collection. The automated reports through (TDO) were thorough and ensured that manual data entry was unnecessary. As a result, McClure Engineering was able to achieve:

  • 65% of reduced staff hours for manual counting efforts;
  • Saved between 36-45% in their data collection costs;
  • Were able to share all study reports and videos with clients using