How DRMP is using ATSPMs from Miovision to reduce congestion in Escambia County

Optimizing traffic signals at an intersection can help reduce congestion and improve traffic flow on roadways. However, traditional approaches to signal retiming projects are costly, inefficient, and time consuming, leaving many traffic operations teams to limit retiming projects to once every 3-5 years.

Recently, the traffic team in Escambia County, Florida, installed Miovision SmartLink units to connect the traffic signals along two heavily traveled corridors. With a signal retiming planned for the two corridors and limited resources to complete the study, they reached out to engineering firm DRMP, for help with completing the project.

The team at DRMP, led by Sam Campbell, began work on a standard signal retiming project along the two corridors in question. With access to the data gathered by the Miovision SmartLink units, through the online Miovision TrafficLink portal, the team was able to save time by limiting how often they needed to be in the field to tweak the new timing plan.

“We typically spend about two weeks doing the fine tuning after a signal retiming. But, this time it was really only a couple of days out in the field, because we had the SmartLink units out there monitoring, so most of our fine tuning was done remotely using Miovision TrafficLink to monitor,” explained Sam.

Not only did Miovision technology help DRMP complete the signal retiming project more efficiently and effectively, the team also uncovered some additional benefits. With access to the Miovision TrafficLink web portal, DRMP now had real-time Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) at their fingertips. Using ATSPMs, they were able to evaluate the performance of the new timing plans, remotely, and make incremental changes to the plan to continually improve performance along the two corridors. With this type of traffic data available 24/7, DRMP now provides ongoing Active Arterial Management (AAM) services for Escambia County. Each month, DRMP delivers a dashboard to Escambia County, detailing the changes being made to the two corridors, along with quantifiable results.

This Wednesday, May 15, at 1pm EST, Sam Campbell from DRMP will join us to discuss his experience using Miovision TrafficLink at our live webinar. Together, we’ll provide further insight into this project, as well as answer questions about how your traffic team could benefit from Miovision technology. Save your spot today!


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