What’s a healthy intersection and what does it have to do with a smart city?

Rip and replace. Many vendors would have you believe it’s the only way to achieve smart city status. But what they might not tell you, is you’ll also end up locked into their proprietary system for the next 50 years. Talk about stifling innovation.

If you’ve followed our blog, you’ll know we’ve stated our views on the matter. And, we’re back to really hammer the point home today: smart cities start at the intersection. Today, we’ll expand on how Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) can help make it happen.


Start with healthy intersections

If smart cities start at the intersection, it’s important to make sure yours are healthy. Healthy intersections keep pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, transit, and freight moving efficiently and effectively, while ultimately reducing congestion and making streets safer for citizens. With healthy intersections at the foundation, smart cities can grow one step at a time. ATSPMs offer traffic engineers a reliable approach to determining whether or not intersections are healthy. Using this type of high-resolution traffic data can help traffic engineers make evidence-based decisions when maintaining their traffic networks.

Signalized intersections must be evaluated on three levels to ensure safer more efficient performance: maintenance, operations, and optimization. ATSPMs can help guide traffic engineers to make confident decisions at each of these three levels using reliable, high-resolution traffic data.

Here at Miovision, we see the power of ATSPMs at work each and every day, which is why we believe so strongly in the value they provide. We’ve been helping cities assess and manage the health of their intersections using ATSPMs for a few years now, and we’ve seen the results first hand. We’ve helped cities decrease congestion, and improve livability by addressing citizen complaints faster and more efficiently, all thanks to ATSPMs from Miovision TrafficLink.


Join our upcoming webinar

Our experience with ATSPMs has also taught us that many transportation professionals out there are still hesitant to start using ATSPMs due to a lack of resources that demonstrate best practices. That’s why we’ve decided to share what we’ve learned in our upcoming webinar: How to use ATSPMs to keep your intersections healthy.

Join us, on Wednesday, March 13 at 1 pm EST, as we share real-life examples of ATSPMs in action, and uncover the many ways in which ATSPMs from Miovision TrafficLink are helping change the way traffic networks operate. Attendees will also receive an advanced copy of our upcoming eBook: Clear Signals – How to Use ATSPMs to Keep Your Intersections Healthy. It’s a comprehensive look at how ATSPMs can be used to diagnose and maintain intersections from a maintenance, operations, and optimization level to ensure efficient and safe networks.

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