The future of traffic signals

My car practically parks itself and I have a super computer in my pocket; but I still wait alone at red lights and put up with rudimentary stop-and-go traffic. Traffic technology is in desperate need of a jump-start. It needs to catch-up. It needs to be connected. It needs to be smarter. Fast.

The future of traffic signals is within reach, and Miovision’s CEO Kurtis McBride will be discussing his prediction for how traffic signal technology catches up at the ITSA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh.


Kurtis McBride, Miovision CEO and Co-Founder

The Future of Traffic Signals
Talk by Kurtis McBride

Rebuilding Today’s Infrastructure to Use Tomorrow’s Technology

Date, Time, and Location:
Tuesday June 2, 8:00-9:15am, DLCC Room 325



At the show, we’ll also be providing demonstrations of Spectrum, our exciting new product that connects intersections using LTE. We’re at booth 713 and giving demonstrations all-day every day.

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