Top 4 Ways Video Will Improve Your Traffic Data Collection

Video can greatly improve your traffic data collection as it provides another layer of insight that would not be attainable otherwise. It provides information on the external environment and other outside factors such as weather, traffic conditions or unusual anomalies.

1.  Auditability

Reviewing a recorded video of the traffic count allows for the end user to audit the data. This additional opportunity for auditing provides peace of mind, allowing you to apply the data  to any project with confidence. It is also a verifiable record of the data. If there are unusual traffic patterns, the video is proof of those occurrences.


2.  Qualitative Feedback

Not only does video provide the option of auditing traffic movements, but it also provides insight into the external environment and what activities occurred during that time. Unusual data could be a cause for concern or raise additional questions. Having the video of the suspect data can answer questions that would otherwise be unanswered.


3.  Historical Data/ Client Sharing

This video can also be used as historical data to review growth or changes. Video or screen caps have also been used in presentations and reports as added visuals. Miovision provides the ability to easily share and store data, reports and videos.

We’ve heard from numerous customers the benefits of this capability. Customers can easily share data with their clients, colleagues, other departments and desired stakeholders. It eliminates wasting time on unnecessary administrative tasks.


4.  Applied to Other Uses

A full set of data with additional video could be used for many different purposes. If a traffic professional completes a seven day average daily traffic study, that data can be used for other traffic studies, reviewing peak hours, safety analysis, and even other uses not specifically related to transportation.


Miovision provides video for numerous traffic studies including average daily traffic, turning movement counts and roundabout counts. Traffic data and video can be collected using our Scout Video Collection Units for in-house data collection, or requested through Traffic Data On Demand.

Both methods provide an automated and efficient process to collecting traffic data and video that is highly accurate, reliable and auditable.