Halloween costumes for transportation professionals

Transportation professionals, with Halloween approaching, you’re probably asking yourself:

How can I find a hip costume that also encapsulates my love for all things transportation?

Fear not ghouls and gals, Miovision has you covered. With our expertly curated and stylish Halloween costumes, you can let your inner transportation nerd fly free.

Use one of these five transportation-themed costumes, and you’ll be the life of any Halloween party.

The pylon

Pylon Halloween Costume

Now you can channel your inner rage for all the road closures, by becoming the essence of roadwork delays. Plant yourself in inconvenient places at parties and enjoy watching your friends try to get past.

Can’t find a party to attend? No problem. Find some pylon friends and gather on a street. The bright reflective strip means people are sure to see you. You’ll literally stop traffic.


The traffic light

Halloween Traffic Light Costume

Let everyone know that you are in control, by wearing a classy traffic signal  costume with built in controller. With a simple click of a button, you can make groups of people go, stop or slow down.

Even better, use it to send signals to other people. Is there a person who won’t stop hitting on you? Slam on that red light and let them know you are not interested. Worried about your bad breath? Turn on your yellow light to let people know to proceed with caution before approaching the danger zone. See someone with a tray of appetizers, hit that green light and send them over. It really is the perfect costume.

The road

Road Halloween Costume


The perfect unisex costume for the person who connects friends and groups. It’s simple, yet sophisticated. All you need is a black shirt and some white tape, and you are good to go.

It also provides a path and direction for party goers at your Halloween party. Just lie flat on the ground and allowing party-goers to walk over you.




The crosswalk

Crosswalk Halloween Costume

This costume is all about establishing new connections. Get in between groups of people and help them cross from section to section. Someone need to go from the snack table to the bathroom? You are there to make sure they cross safely.

If people are slow to notice, make loud beeping noises, or repeat the phrase: “please cross now.” Remember, you’re all about safety, so if you’re successful no one gets hurt. If you’re really in the mood, partner up with a crossing guard to make it extra fun.

The roundabout

Roundabout Halloween CostumeWho said going in circles was a bad thing? This costume will give you a European, yet efficient appeal to your persona. Speak in a French accent and say things like “I am better for traffic flow” or “stay to the right to exit.”

Also make sure to challenge any traffic light you see to a fight, establishing your dominance as a better roadway solution.



Don’t forget to get out and dress-up this year!

Happy Halloween from Miovision!