Tune up for Spring

The spring count season is upon us and just as you prepare your home with spring cleaning, we suggest doing a quick tune up on your Scout Video Collection Unit (VCU). This will ensure that you are ready to take on your busy spring count season.

Before starting, ensure your firmware is up to date. Current firmware is version 6.4.1. For instructions, see http://help.miovision.com/index.php/100-check-firmware. If you are having additional concerns, please contact our Support Team at support@miovision.com.


Test Your Scout VCU

Deploy your Scout VCU and perform a full one-hour test. Fully extend the mast and record one hour of video. Once this has been completed, play back the video and review the video quality at the 1 minute, 30minute and 59 minute intervals. If your Scout is properly deployed, yet the video quality is poor, please use the following steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Disconnect and reconnect camera video cable, ensuring the 2 white lines are aligned. If this fails, move to step 2.
  2. Test camera and VCU with a known working mast.
    1. If video is restored, the original mast requires servicing.
    2. If video is not restored, move to step 3.
    3. Test VCU and working mast from Step 2 with a known working camera.
      1. If video is restored, the original camera requires servicing.
      2. If video is still not restored, the VCU requires servicing.

For any components requiring service, contact our Support Team and they will be able to provide you with the appropriate solutions and replacements.

Telescoping Polemount Assembly

Each season, you should lay a fully collapsed polemount on its side and remove the metal plate at the base. Uncoil the loose end of the cable and neatly recoil it. Replace the metal plate. For additional storage protection, Miovision has a durable travel case which will store all hardware items.



Scout cameras mount on a standard right-handed bolt at the top of the mast. Once mounted, the camera video cable is connected to its counterpart on the mast. In order to prevent any movement during recording, we suggest to always connecting these cables so that the torque is clockwise. To accomplish this, face the front end of the camera and connect the cables around the right-hand side of the camera.

If the video from the Scout VCU is not horizontal, use the following steps to correct the alignment of the camera:

  1. Use a blunt object to PUSH the camera from its shroud (being careful not to damage the lens)
  2. Connect the camera to a Scout VCU, and click “Live Video”
  3. Adjust the camera until video is oriented horizontally
  4. Reinsert the camera to its shroud at the correct orientation


Checking the SD Card

Check the SD card on the Scout VCU control box to ensure it is functioning correctly. If you are having problems with the SD card ejecting, Miovision suggests installing bumpers on all Video Collection Units to eliminate this situation. Contact support@miovision.com and we’ll ship you as many as you need, free of charge.

When purchasing additional storage, we recommend using major SD card brands. The SD card should have a minimum class rating of 6 to eliminate any kind of card corruption as lower ratings don’t have the capabilities to keep up with the speed of recording. Also, ensure that the card is formatting correctly prior to deploying the Scout VCU in the field, and the card is only ejected after putting the Scout into sleep mode. Always avoid hard power downs (holding the power button for several seconds) when SD cards are present in the Scout VCU.

Replacing or Ordering Additional Hardware

When completing this hardware check, look to see if you require any additional hardware items. Miovision has additional ratchet straps, SD card bumpers, camera heads, allen keys, nuts and bolts, among others. If there is a piece of hardware that you need which is not listed, contact the Support Team and inquire.


Extending Your Unit’s Battery Life

The batteries are lead-acid and should be fully charged every 60 days in order to maximize battery life. For more information on these batteries, review our battery usage guidelines.


General Maintenance

Ensure that all screws and latches are properly secured and for general tightness. These shouldn’t be loose or over-tightened as this can compromise the hardware function or deployment in the field. Tightening by hand is sufficient for all components.

We recommend properly storing all hardware components to prevent any damage due to moisture, dust or other debris.


If you require any additional assistance, please contact our Support Team and they will be able to assist you.

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Happy Counting!