Webinar: Don't let count season go down the tubes

Count season is here and you’re busy preparing your team for success. So how do you ensure they’re using the best tools to get the job done? Take the same approach you take to planning - use data. Pneumatic road tubes have long been considered the de facto standard for collecting volume based traffic data due to their low cost, and quick installation.

However, safety concerns, accuracy and auditability challenges, and narrowness of the data has many state DOT’s either adopting, or are looking to adopt safer, more efficient methods of traffic data collection, that provide richer, and more actionable data. To help you make the case for a safer, more accurate traffic data collection approach, we put our technology to the test against pneumatic road tubes.

Join our webinar on Wednesday October 3, at 1pm EST to learn more about how Miovision video data collection was superior to pneumatic road tubes in a head-to-head comparison.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Safety: How video data collection reduces the safety risks posed to tube installation technicians
  • Overcounting: How tubes over count more vehicles than video
  • Equipment failure: How damaged tubes under count vehicles
  • Data Collection Program Assessments: How to qualify for a traffic studies program assessment by a Miovision solution expert

About the speaker


Matt Trusinski
Director of ITS, Product Marketing

Matthew Trushinski is the Director of Marketing at Miovision. He works alongside product experts to provide innovative solutions that build smarter cities. He’s passionate about traffic data, artificial intelligence, and how technology impacts cities and their citizens.