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Introducing travel time from Miovision. It's never been easier to measure travel data from point A to point B. We've put over 12 years of experience into a new way to collect, request, and use travel time data.

Webinar: A Better Way to Get Travel Time

We know transportation professionals need quick and reliable traffic data. That’s why we built the industry’s fastest and easiest way to request, deliver, and analyze travel time.
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Why choose Miovision for travel time?

See how the Miovision platform performs against other travel time solutions.

Scout (WiFi) GPS (floating car) Bluetooth
Large data set
Match rate: 7–10%
Very small data set
Limited to number of runs driven by floating car
Large data set
Match rate: 5–7%
Gathering Easily requested via DataLink and collected via Scout Manually drive multiple times along the route Collection requires single functionality device
Travel time, space mean speed, TMC, and volume capable Travel time, spot speed Travel time, space mean speed
Ease of validation Auditable via video and TMC data Unable to report traffic volumes, single data source that can’t be cross referenced No source of ground truth to validate against
Analysis Raw data and automatically filtered reports via DataLink and exact travel time matches Typically non-web based clients and basic reports/raw data only Raw data & filtered reports but may contain synthetic data

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