Webinar recording: A better way to collect ped and bike data

Cities are growing vertically rather than horizontally, and infrastructure and transportation design is out of step with current and future transportation demand. There are lots of theories about the best way to create a bikeable and walkable city, but who has time to go looking for them?

Join us on February 21st at 1pm EST to learn about the challenges that planning departments and cities face with getting access to high quality traffic data that’s foundational to the development of a walkable and bikeable city.

We’re also very excited to have Kristen O’Toole from Alta Planning + Design joining us on the webinar. She will not only talk about their vision around active transportation planning, design, and implementation, but specifically about data collection and how Datalink and the ped/bike data produced has been used successfully within their organization.

In this webinar we'll cover:

  • How to justify the need for bikeable and walkable infrastructure
  • The challenges faced when trying to justify the need for change
  • The role of technology in developing bikeable and walkable cities
  • How one of our customer’s, Alta Planning + Design uses ped/bike data
  • DataLink and the benefits of an end-to-end traffic data platform

About the speakers

Matt Duench Headshot

Matt Duench
Director of Product Marketing

Matt Duench is Director of Product Marketing at Miovision. He works alongside product experts to help city departments and transportation professionals transform operations, and build smarter cities. He's passionate about technologies that make public infrastructure more accessible, improve traffic operations, and benefit citizens.


Kristen O’Toole
Alta Planning + Design

Kristen O’Toole is a transportation planner with Alta Planning + Design. She assists in managing a variety of bicycle and pedestrian master planning efforts, counts collection and analysis, bike share feasibility studies, and GIS analyses. Before moving to Minneapolis, Kristen was an organizer for Women Bike Chicago, a grassroots organization that helps women bike more often for transportation and recreation. Kristen was a Fulbright Student to Denmark, where she studied urban planning.