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Co-hosted webinar: URS Corporation signal optimization

We recently had the pleasure of co-hosting a Webinar about Traffic Signal Optimization Studies with Ray Schneider, AICP from URS Corporation. The Webinar is based on a forthcoming Whitepaper written by Ray Schneider about URS’s experience with using Miovision on a 129 intersection Signal Optimization Study in Western Ottawa County, Michigan.

URS has extensive experience working on Signal Optimization Projects and has optimized over 1,200 signalized intersections throughout the state of Michigan since 2003 for MDOT and local agencies.

The Signal Optimization Study was unique, in that a large amount of data had to be collected quickly. To meet the data collection challenges, URS chose to use Miovision alongside manual counting. During the data collection efforts, URS incorporated a formal technology and cost evaluation of Miovision’s equipment.

About the Presenter

Ray Schneider Transportation Planner, URS Corporation
Ray Schneider is a Senior Transportation Planner at URS Corporation in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has a BA in Transportation Planning from Western Michigan University and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners. Ray has managed a wide variety of transportation planning and traffic engineering studies in his 22 years in Transportation Planning, and now manages transportation data collection services at URS.

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