Miovision Scout Explore

Instant onboard video processing at the roadside.

End-to-end solutions that deliver accurate, verifiable and trusted multimodal traffic data – for any location

Miovision Scout Explore

Miovision Scout® Explore a portable video-based data collection solution to provide onboard video processing and automatic uploading of multimodal volume counts (ATRs), vehicle speed, and pedestrian/bike pathway** data making these studies more efficient.

The all-in-one design also makes it easy to transport and set up since all of its components are contained within the 4 ft (1.2 m) stackable device.

*Vehicle speed will be available September 2023. / ** Pedestrian and bike classification are currently available via video upload. Onboard availability: Coming in 2024

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Easily scale and customize studies

Whether you’re counting vehicles, bikes, or people, you can collect everything you need – volume counts, TMCs, travel time and speed data – at the same time with a single device. More devices can easily be deployed for larger or complex study locations.

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Portable, durable and safe

Miovision Scout and Miovision Scout Explore are non-intrusive and safely deployed at the roadside. They can operate unattended for days at a time – in all weather and all regions.

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Remote access

Cellular connectivity enables 24/7 remote access to change study requirements, monitor studies, and receive automatic notifications about the equipment in the field.

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Easy to transport and set up

Set up can be completed within 10 minutes. Take down is even faster. Compact designs make it easy to stack and transport by car or truck.

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Accurate, verifiable data

Industry-leading AI algorithms and visual inspection of video by a Miovision technician ensures that traffic data is 95+% accurate and consistent for all study types.

End-to-end Traffic Study Solution - Miovision

End-to-end traffic study solution

For over a decade, our customers around the world have relied on Miovision Scout to manage projects, collect data and gain insights to help cities make better planning decisions and infrastructure changes.

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