Identify, diagnose, and solve traffic problems

Real-time data from existing infrastructure on the actual performance of your traffic network to help you identify operational problems, reduce congestion, and improve safety.


Get complete visibility into the performance of your traffic networks through signal performance measures like Split Failures, Purdue Coordination Diagrams, and Arrivals of Red.

Intersection Health

Automatically surface traffic inefficiencies caused by performance-related issues identified using ATSPM data.

Report Cards

Quantify the impact of signal timing changes by conducting before and after analyses.


Connect with existing controllers using a plug-and-play, agnostic ATSPM system that’s secure, flexible, and scalable.


Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures

Gain visibility and improve the performance of your traffic networks using real-time and historical data. 

  • Track corridor level efficiency using  Congestion Scans, Time Space Diagrams, and Point-to-Point Travel Time visualizations
  • Drill into individual intersection performance with metrics like Arrivals on Red, Purdue Coordination Diagrams, and Split Failures
  • Conduct detailed analyses with up to 16 ATSPMs available in TrafficLink

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Intersection Health

Get ahead of citizen complaints.

Using ATSPM data, inefficient operations are automatically flagged so that you can take action 

  • Surface phase termination issues to help improve major arterial progression against minor movements
  • Promote equitable green time among competing movements using green split recommendations 
  • Improve progressive flow of platoons by being alerted to poor coordination

Report Cards

Secure funding using before and after analysis

Track intersection and corridor performance over time to ensure efficiency.

  • Quantify the impact of signal timing changes using before and after analysis 
  • Set up multiple dashboards for insight on different time of day plans 
  • Monitor intersection performance so you know you’re making the most impactful changes for your citizens


Plug and play insights

  • Access high-resolution data from existing traffic controllers without the need to standup dedicated servers
  • Communicate between field devices and Miovision’s cloud using a secure TLS and client certificates that ensure authenticity and confidentiality
  • Get regular updates through the cloud to ensure you have the latest features and functionality

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