Miovision TrafficLink Portal

Every intersection, always in view

Real-time signal monitoring, so you’re always in the know. Solve problems in half the time by ensuring the right people get the information they need, at the right time. Keep signals running smoothly with Miovision TrafficLink.

Telemetry, alerts, and monitoring. Your intersection assistant.

Traffic networks can be complicated. The TrafficLink portal can act as a trusted advisor to help you make decisions that will make positive change to your city’s traffic flow.

  • Prioritize using simple intersection report cards
  • Get instant alerts when issues arise
  • Monitor real-time signal telemetry and video with cloud-based recall
  • Open data API

    Access your data wherever you need it. Our open data API allows you to build on the TrafficLink platform with existing tools or brand new apps.

    • Connect with software you already use
    • Lay the foundation for smart city apps
    • Share your data with others
  • Managed System

    Spend your time focused on traffic problems, not IT problems. Implementation takes minutes, not months – and we take care of ongoing management in our secure cloud.

    • No servers or a complicated backend to manage
    • A dedicated support team if you have questions or issues
    • Secure cloud storage keeps your data safe and accessible

Actionable insights

Don’t get buried in a mountain of data. TrafficLink identifies where you can have the most impact.

  • Prioritize maintenance, financial, and engineering resources using real data
  • Identify equipment failures in your network
  • Understand key metrics using automated traffic signal performance measures (ATSPMs)

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