Webinar: A better way to collect travel time

Are you spending time driving up and down corridors for small, inaccurate data sets? Are you trying to deploy difficult to use technologies and then manually processing the data?

We know transportation professionals need quick and reliable traffic data. That’s why we built the industry’s fastest and easiest way to request, deliver, and analyze travel time. DataLink allows you to have all of your traffic data securely in one place. With over 1000 customers in 50 countries, Miovision traffic data technology has counted over 3 Billion vehicles around the world.

Join our webinar to learn about the next step in traffic data.

In this webinar we cover:

  • How you can increase the efficiency and accuracy of your travel time data
  • Getting all of the insights you need in one place
  • Meet FHWA requirements
  • The safest ways to collect data
  • DataLink and the benefits of an end-to-end traffic data platform

About the speaker


Corey Watterson
Account Executive

Like you, Corey is interested in finding the most tactical way of collecting accurate and reliable travel time data. Working with government agencies, data collection and engineering firms, Corey has learnt the pitfalls of current travel time collection efforts and their limitations.

Corey is excited to discuss how to unlock more data using the resource you already have out in the field.