Roadside Guide to Collecting Traffic Data Safely and Efficiently

Why video-based data collection is the safer, more reliable choice in a field of competition.

Technology continues to evolve the way the traffic industry collects data, but there are still instances where labor-intensive methods are used. With so many options, how do you choose the right equipment for your traffic studies and meet all of your project and business objectives?

This guide will explain the benefits and challenges of the portable data collection tools on the market today and how to make informed decisions about equipment that is safer, more reliable and more cost-effective to deploy.

Get a copy of the guide to learn the differences between:

  • Manual counts

  • Pneumatic road tubes

  • Radar technology

  • Video-based technology

Download the guide to see the best new alternative to the existing tools for volume counts, speed, and pedestrian/bicycle pathway studies. Learn more about the first portable data collection solution that provides instant onboard video processing at the roadside!


Download the Guide

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