Instant onboard video processing at the roadside

Rely on Miovision for all of your traffic studies

When decision-making and planning are based on data, the end result is only as good as the data that is collected. With customers around the globe, and billions of data points driving our Traffic AI, Miovision® technology delivers the accurate and reliable traffic data and insights that you need.


Miovision Scout® Explore provides:


  • Safer deployments than road tubes
  • Multimodal traffic studies
  • Onboard video processing at the roadside
  • Automatic data upload for volume counts (ATRs), speed** and bicycle/pedestrian pathway studies*
  • All-in-one design for easier transport and set up
  • Safety Studies for advanced safety analytics
    • *Custom classifications, such as e-scooters, are available by request.
    • **Vehicle speed will be available late 2023.

Watch this short video (1-min) to find out how easy it is to collect verifiable traffic data with Miovision Scout Explore.


Safe and non-intrusive

Keeping field teams out of roadways is critical when setting up traffic study equipment. That’s why Scout Explore is safely deployed at the roadside.

Set up can be done in 15 minutes and taken down in much less time.

Automatic data upload

AI algorithms and cellular connectivity enable:

  • Onboard video processing
  • Automatic upload of multimodal volume counts (ATRs), speed and pedestrian/bicycle pathway data
  • Immediate, remote access to data for review and validation from anywhere

Manage studies remotely

Built-in cellular connectivity enables

  • Automatic data upload
  • Remote access and monitoring of equipment in the field
Accurate, Verifiable Data Icon

Collect more data

Full HD camera with HFOV 124° lens provides:

  • Wide field of view
  • Ability to collect more data in the study area
  • Improved data quality and insights for study locations
  • Cost-effective deployments using a single device

Scalable and customizable studies

Scale studies as needed. Scout Explore:

  • Operates on one to four high-capacity Lithium-ion batteries
  • Can be left in the field for up to 12 days (4 batteries)
  • Batteries can be replaced in the field without interrupting the study or shutting down the device
  • Maximizes video storage with industrial-grade SD card
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All-in-one design

Scout Explore provides

  • All components within the 4 ft (1.2 m) device
  • Easy transport, fast deployment
  • Data for TMCs, volume counts (ATRs), roundabouts, bicycle/pedestrian pathways, travel time, and speed studies
  • Classifications for 6 vehicle types
  • Integrated mounting straps and ratchets for securing in the field

Traffic Studies

Traffic studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just some of the questions we get asked about Scout Explore and portable traffic data collection.

How does Miovision guarantee accurate traffic data?


Miovision ensures 95%+ data accuracy on most multidirectional counts (TMCs, Roundabouts, Pathway Junction counts). Once a video is uploaded to Miovision, it’s configured by a Data Services Technician to identify vehicle entry and exit points, and all possible movements. Next, the video is submitted to Miovision’s proprietary system for data extraction and processing. The data is then manually reviewed for accuracy and anomalies. Corridors and adjacent locations are checked with data visualization tools to ensure a ±5 vehicle accuracy or 95% match between common links.

Who uses Scout Explore to collect traffic data?


The traffic data collected by Scout Explore is used by transportation professionals around the world to help improve mobility and make transportation networks more efficient.


Whether you are a city planner, traffic engineer, department of transportation, or an advocacy group, Scout Explore provides traffic data and analytics that are accurate, easy to understand and designed to help you make informed decisions about how your transportation networks are planned and managed.


How do I learn more about using video data for my traffic studies?


For more information, get a demo or to request pricing, simply fill out the form on this page. A Miovision representative will be in touch to answer your questions.

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