Town of Milton Uses Video Detection to Improve the Driver Experience


Milton, Ontario, is Canada’s fastest-growing community and a place of opportunity for families, individuals, visitors and investors. Milton is a blend of urban and rural, modern and historic set in the backdrop of the Niagara Escarpment.


The Town of Milton struggled with poor mobility and increased traffic congestion along one of its busiest corridors. Examinations and investigations were required to address these issues. Traffic studies of this nature can take months to implement and cost cities and towns hundreds of thousands of dollars. Technicians performed site visits and tested intersection equipment with no issues identified.


The Town of Milton entrusted Miovision TrafficLink detection hardware and software with finding a solution, effectively reducing the length of the study to a matter of days, producing real ROI at a fraction of the cost. Miovision TrafficLink provided the Town with a complete data analysis of the corridor and insights to triage performance issues. TrafficLink performance measures software (ATSPMs) revealed poor progression along the corridor, leading to timing plan changes. With the timing changes in place, TrafficLink’s Phase Interval Graph dashboard revealed a more consistent cycle length, improving mobility.

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“Within four weeks of installing Miovision solutions, town staff were able to identify the cause of poor traffic progression, implement a solution and measure the impact of their corrective actions, all from a comprehensive, web-based portal.”
Heidi Schlegl – Manager, Traffic at Town of Milton

Using Miovision TrafficLink solutions, the Town of Milton could identify operational issues impacting traffic mobility more quickly and efficiently than costly traditional field visits. Changes implemented by the Town of Milton’s Traffic Engineering team, using Miovision TrafficLink solutions, improved overall travel times by as much as 30% and resulted in more predictable commutes. There was an instant 8.5% reduction in split failures and an overall reduction in split failures by 20-33%, improving progression and traffic flow. Additionally, there was a 10-18% improvement in overall travel time, a key measure of citizen mobility. Less idling at intersections indicated fuel consumption savings for citizens and a reduction in CO2 emissions for the city.


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Miovision TrafficLink solutions revealed operational issues impacting traffic mobility for the Town of Milton. Using this data, the Town of Milton was capable of Implementing suggested timing plan changes. These changes resulted in:

  • An instant 8.5% reduction in split failures

  • A 10-18% improvement in overall travel time

  • An overall reduction in split failures by 20-33%

  • A reduction in CO2 emissions for the city

Built on AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides Miovision’s software platform with a reliable, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure platform.  AWS provides data storage through AWS RDS and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), at the edge data collection using AWS IoT Core, data streaming using Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK), container orchestration using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and computational resources using Amazon EC2. Miovision trusts AWS with our data because AWS boasts the most stringent security and compliance standards.