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Miovision enables cities to reduce traffic congestion and vehicle emissions while improving public safety through scalable intelligent transportation solutions. 


We love to talk about the ways measuring, managing and optimizing traffic can make cities and towns more livable – reducing traffic congestion, improving safety, and helping reduce pollution. 


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Quick Facts

Origin: Miovision was inspired by a summer job that our CEO Kurtis McBride had, manually collecting traffic data. As he sat in the midday heat, tabulating vehicles on a clipboard, it occurred to him that technology could significantly improve both the quality and quantity of traffic data that municipalities use to manage traffic and make important planning decisions. 


Seeing an opportunity, Kurtis, and his friends Tony Brijpaul and Kevin Madill founded Miovision in 2005 with an aim to modernize the way cities and towns measure, manage and optimize traffic.


Company: Miovision is headquartered in Kitchener, Canada, and has offices in Germany, Serbia, and the US. Since 2005, our systems have detected over 30 billion vehicles and 1.5 billion pedestrians, assisting nearly 1,500 customers in 63 countries.


Our Products: Miovision Scout: Miovision Scout® is a fully connected, industry-leading, portable, camera-based traffic data collection device. Rugged, reliable and weather-resistant, Scout can operate unattended in the field for days at a time. 



Our Products: Miovision TrafficLink: Miovision TrafficLink® enables municipalities to modernize their traffic signals, allowing them to remotely manage and track their traffic network, while also providing industry-leading performance measures and actionable insights.



Our Products: Miovision Traffop: Miovision Traffop® offers a cloud-based software solution to collect traffic data from existing signal infrastructure and provide useful insights, allowing traffic engineers to more effectively optimize traffic signal timing to reduce congestion and improve safety.


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