Effortless Deployment of Cloud-Based Opticom™ EVP for Emergency Vehicles

With our wide range of integrated applications, it’s now easier than ever to outfit first responders with cloud-based Opticom Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) technology.

Easy Deployment with Our Integrated Applications

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Partnering for Industry-Leading Traffic Preemption


Miovision’s partnership with Whelen Engineering has introduced a more efficient, cost-effective way for emergency response teams to use innovative traffic preemption technology.


Police, Fire, and EMS vehicles equipped with the Whelen Cloud Platform, Samsara proprietary equipment, and approved modems from Sierra Wireless and Cradlepoint can access Opticom EVP technology, clearing intersections and expediting emergency response times – without the need for additional hardware.

Help first responders save lives and improve the communities they serve with the following benefits:

Cloud Connectivity

Whelen’s cloud-based vehicle communication platform sends and receives data through cellular networks.

Broad Coverage

Facilitate agile decision-making and more efficient emergency responses across multiple geographical areas.

Mutual Aid During Emergencies

Strategically prioritize needs, allocate resources, and enhance emergency response collaboration.

Fast Deployment

Equip your fleet with Opticom EVP quickly and cost-effectively by leveraging existing Whelen hardware.

How It Works

When you use Opticom EVP, with our integrated applications from Whelen, Samsara or supported modems, it’s amazing what you can do to keep everyone on the road safe. Here’s how it all fits together:

Emergency vehicles submit an intersection preemption request through the platform’s live-view map and web-based interface.

The vehicle’s GPS data will be passed from the Vehicle Safety Gateway (VSG) to Opticom EVP’s cloud-based software.

Emergency vehicles are given the green light to proceed through an intersection safely.

Opticom EVP in Action: 
Real Success Stories

We’ve empowered thousands of first responders with traffic signal priority control systems. Hear from them yourself.

How Miovision Improved Emergency Response Times in San Rafael by 25%

When employed together across 53 signalized intersections in San Rafel, Opticom EVP and Whelen Cloud Platform produced exceptional results for 56 police and fire vehicles.

Unlock the Case Study

Deploying Opticom EVP Has Never Been Easier

The Whelen Cloud Platform is the best way to outfit your fleet with Opticom EVP and keep first responders safe. Connect with us to learn more.

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