Miovision TrafficLink Safety Analytics

Intersection compliance metrics for traffic teams

Data-driven Approach Towards Vision Zero - Miovision

A data-driven approach towards Vision Zero

Red Light Runner and Pedestrian Compliance reports provide immediate insight into vehicle and pedestrian behavior to help you identify safety risks at intersections

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Miovision Trafficlink Safety Analytics - Miovision

Proactive assessment. Get ahead of collision data.

Don’t wait for accidents to happen to identify problem areas. Use Miovision Safety Analytics for ongoing insight into the high-risk areas of your network.

  • 24/7 data collection on red light runners
  • Ongoing insights into pedestrian behavior through compliance metrics
  • Gather safety data within days, not months
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Data-driven Approach Towards Vision Zero - Miovision

Prioritization. Support network screening.

Knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Use Miovision Safety Analytics to help you prioritize projects at the high-risk intersections first..

  • Use Red Light Runner and Pedestrian Compliance data to identify intersections that need countermeasures
  • Compare intersection performance so you know you’re making the most impactful changes for your citizens
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Countermeasure Evaluation - Miovision

Countermeasure evaluation.

Measure the impact of countermeasures on citizen safety.

  • Use historical reporting to quantify progress towards Vision Zero goals
  • Track changes of vehicle and pedestrian compliance to prove the effectiveness of countermeasures
  • Identify compliance trends throughout your network within weeks, not years
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Video Context

Get the full picture

  • Combine quantitative metrics with observational data for further insight into road safety
  • Use video recall to understand behavioral characteristics of drivers and pedestrians
  • Tie situational factors into the analysis of road safety to inform targeted interventions rather than blanket approaches
  • Access observational data from anywhere in the world through our easy-to-use web platform – DataLink or TrafficLink
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