Manage Mobility with Miovision Detection

Optimize your traffic network for efficiency & safety using the Miovision Detection solution that’s right for your city.

Video detection helps build the foundation for healthy and safe cities by improving the efficiency and reliability of traffic networks. Miovision® Detection allows you to:

  • Improve signal performance by responding to real-world road user demand - from bicycles to articulated trucks
  • Accurately measure demand to help understand how effectively your coordination and timing plans are working with an ATSPM solution, such as Miovision Traffop™.

more efficient intersections


cost savings vs detection loops


Solve 10x times more traffic problems with existing staff resources

Miovision is a global leader in traffic detection, helping cities manage mobility effectively.

  • Multimodal detection at the intersection and advance detection for approaching vehicles

  • Consistently exceeds TERL standards of 98% actuation accuracy in all times of day and conditions

  • Remote access lets you configure intersections from anywhere

  • Designed for all environments, with twice the computing power as the competition

  • Rolling 90-day turning movement count data for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians

300+ Miovision Detection customers in North America

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Traffic Management Systems And Processes - Miovision

Miovision Detection

Video detection enables aging infrastructure to be upgraded, while modernizing traffic management systems and processes.

  • Implement fully or semi-actuated detection
  • Optimize traffic efficiency to reduce maintenance and operational costs
  • Improve community efficiency using metrics for safety and sustainability
  • Access historical data quickly and easily to adjust intersection timing based traffic patterns over time
  • See current and historical information on how your network is performing
  • Remote access to traffic management capabilities
  • Miovision Detection solutions are built on and enhanced by Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Miovision Core® DCM is certified and approved for use of FirstNet, built with AT&T
Advance Detection - Miovision

Advance Detection

Miovision Detection, with optional advance detection sensors, provides additional capabilities to enhance traffic flow and increase road safety.

  • Increase safety at the intersection by sensing approaching vehicles
  • Effectively manage the traffic demands of your intersections or through an entire traffic corridor

From simple video detection to advance detection or 24/7 multimodal counts, Miovision solutions help optimize and manage traffic in any community.

Video Detection To Advance Detection - Miovision

Video Detection To Advance Detection - Miovision

TrafficLink | TrafficLink Hardware | Continuous Counts

Real-time Signal Control - Miovision

Real-time Signal Control

The same Miovision hardware that powers your Detection solution can provide you with additional 24/7 capabilities at the intersection, including our adaptive signal control solution Miovision Surtrac.

Surtrac is a patented, adaptive system that optimizes the performance of signals for the traffic that is actually on the road, improving traffic flow for both urban grids and corridors and leading to reduced wait times, less pollution, and happier road users.

24/7 Multimodal Traffic Counts - Miovision

24/7 Multimodal Traffic Counts

Expand the capabilities of your Detection solution to include 24/7 multimodal traffic counts. Everything that traffic teams and planners need to know about traffic patterns and flow at intersections and corridors, across the network, is available when you need it.

  • Capture and manage multimodal count data in real-time for vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles - every day of the year
  • Understand and manage traffic flow according to annual events such as back-to-school, construction or tourist season
  • Optimize and plan for events that create large traffic volumes that might require closing roadways and providing alternate routes around venues
  • Ongoing study data can be accessed via API or a rich reporting dashboard for turning movement counts (TMCs), volumes (ATRs) and classifications

Our traffic systems are first class right now because of Miovision Detection — It’s an essential tool we couldn’t live without.

– Director, City of Quincy (MA) Department of Traffic

Case Study Empowering Cities To Protect Vulnerable Road Users -Miovision
Empowering Cities to Protect their Most Vulnerable Road Users
Want to learn how the City of Quincy is using Miovision’s innovative and intuitive solutions,to keep roads safer? Read the Case Study and see how one city reduced speeds and eliminated fatalities in a major conflict zone by utilizing actionable data. Read the Case Study

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