Managed LTE Connectivity

Monitor and manage your signals remotely

The practical way to a smarter traffic cabinet. Miovision SmartLink transforms data from your existing controllers and cabinet devices into meaningful insights.

Secure And Reliable Storage In The Cloud - Miovision

Secure and reliable storage in the cloud

With Miovision SmartLink, you can rest assured your traffic data is secure.

  • Communication with your traffic cabinets is established using a secure VPN tunnel
  • Data collected from the intersection is hosted securely in the cloud
  • Fast and reliable access to your data when you need it
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Accessible Data At Your Fingertips - Miovision

Accessible data at your fingertips

Data is stored securely in the cloud for easy retrieval whenever and wherever you need it.

  • Connect with software you already use
  • Lay the foundation for smart city apps
  • You own your data – it’s your choice to share it with others
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Backward Compatible, Future-proof Platform - Miovision

A backward compatible, future-proof platform

Miovision SmartLink is compatible with today’s traffic controllers (Naztec, Econolite, Siemens, McCain, Peek, Intelight, etc.), allowing for a seamless integration.

  • Includes an array of antennas: WiFi, GPS, 2G, 3G, LTE
  • Connectivity to the most remote traffic cabinets
  • Provides key metrics from the roadside to help you make informed decisions
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Lighten the load – move it to the cloud

With Miovision, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your own IT infrastructure.

  • Refocus your time and resources by moving to the cloud
  • Take advantage of optimal uptime and immediate alerts to any outages
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