Solve 10 times more traffic problems

As cities grow, traffic gets worse. It’s that simple. What’s not always easy, is the solution to this universal urban problem. The Miovision TrafficLink platform helps traffic engineers create more responsive, efficient traffic networks.

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Smarter management

Monitor and manage your signals remotely so you can prioritize your resources and solve issues before they escalate.

Simple ATSPMs

Improve the performance of your traffic network using our industry-leading automated traffic signal performance measures (ATSPMs).

Improve traffic with video

With the world’s most advanced traffic AI, TrafficLink uses SmartView cameras to provide detection and actionable insights.

Connect your city

TrafficLink open architecture lays the foundation for
vehicle to intersection (V2I) technology while enabling transit priority and emergency pre-emption today.

Smarter management

Solve 10x more traffic problems by ensuring the right people get the information they need, at the right time. Keep signals running smoothly and gain valuable time.

  • Secure cellular LTE connectivity
  • Monitor in real-time using SmartView 360 and review with cloud-based video recall
  • Get instant alerts when issues arise

Learn about Signal Maintenance

An open laptop with the screen showing a data visualization that uses images of traffic signals to show signal phasing and detector information, with a map view of the intersection and a telemetry playback timeline so technicians can review historical signal telemetry information.

Simple ATSPMs

Solve 10x more traffic problems by identifying issues before they happen. Our suite of performance measures uses real-time data to provide actionable insights.

  • Key metrics like signal and arterial performance measures
  • Optimize traffic progression to enhance intersection capacity
  • Predict unusual traffic behavior with trend analysis

Learn about Performance Measures

A tablet screen displaying a TrafficLink dashboard view that includes: an "Intersection List" showing intersections within a selected corridor; a "Corridor Performance" table summarizing both northbound and southbound performance, including average travel time, average speed, and percentage of arrivals on green; and an "Alert History" summary for a 12-week period, including Total Alerts, the Worst Offender (intersection with the worst performance), and the average Resolution Time for incidents.

Improve traffic with video

Solve 10x more traffic problems by using TrafficLink to understand what’s going on at the intersection – whether it’s a car crash, a double-parked car, or how many people are waiting at a bus stop.

  • Vehicle and pedestrian video detection
  • Traffic studies including TMCs and classification
  • Analytics and alerts

Learn more about TrafficLink Detection

A black rectangular box (SmartSense device) with an SDLC port, GPIO header block, USB port, four ethernet ports, an OLED display screen, four buttons with arrows on them, and one blue button for selecting menu items. To the right of the box, there is a open laptop screen displaying a video playback window.

Connect your city

Solve 10x more traffic problems by giving priority to the vehicles that need it most while laying the foundation for a smart city.

  • Connected- and autonomous-vehicle (CAV) ready
  • Prioritize right-of-way for emergency vehicles and transit
  • Open data API

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