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Accuracy, transparency, safety – Miovision technology delivers the results you need. All the traffic data and insights you need are in one place. Analyze the right data, at the right time, to make the right decisions.

Project & Data Collection Management - Miovision

Project and data collection management

The Miovision DataLink™ portal gives traffic departments, engineering firms and data collectors a place to connect about project-based traffic studies. This cloud-based software platform makes it easy to complete projects on time and on budget.

  • Coordinate traffic data requests internally or with external data collectors
  • Select from a range of study types
  • Organize, store and visualize data - all in one place
  • Get quotes and collaborate on the DataLink platform

Miovision DataLink projects

Simple project planning

  • Smoother Planning Means Smoother Operations - Miovision

    Smoother planning means smoother operations.

    DataLink projects consolidate everything you need into one platform for optimized project management from start to finish.

    • Request, collect, analyze and report your traffic data
    • Easily reference current and past projects
    • Communicate with your team through DataLink
    • Remotely monitor and manage equipment in the field
    Explore sample projects in DataLink
  • Built For Traffic Studies - Miovision

    Built for traffic studies

    This online platform enables you to simplify processes and execute traffic study projects, from start to finish, with ease.

    • Automatically generate the visuals for your project
    • Access industry file formats like Geocounts™
    • Visualize and understand key data like peak hour factor (PHF), classifications, and more
  • Sign Up For DataLink - Miovision

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    Included with Scout, you also have access to the DataLink portal to manage and store all of your project-related files and communications.

    The system automatically generates shareable images along with reports, graphs, and charts to help complete your projects on time.

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