Miovision Opticom

A flexible priority control platform that enhances mobility within cities by effectively prioritizing vehicles at intersections.

We work with you to achieve smarter connectivity between infrastructure and vehicles. Partner with Miovision to improve safety, reliability, and efficiency of your emergency and transit vehicles, optimize traffic flow, reduce congestion and enhance smart mobility.

Smarter Connectivity - Miovision

Miovision Opticom has industry leading signal priority and preemption solutions designed to meet your agency’s needs to provide safer and faster emergency response, reliable and efficient transit systems, and optimizing how vehicles move through your city. Learn more about our Opticom acquisition journey.When agencies want priority, they ask for Opticom.

Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP)

Emergency Teams - Miovision

Empower your emergency teams with the green light at intersections to save time, increase efficiency, and ultimately saves lives.

“…reduced intersection crash rates by up to 70% and a 25% improvement in response times.”

Director, City of Quincy (MA) Department of Traffic

The City of San Rafael implemented Opticom’s Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) system, which is integrated with their existing Whelen Vehicle Safety Gateway (VSG) devices in police and fire vehicles and Miovision infrastructure technology at intersections. This solution ensured faster and safer routes by changing traffic signals in favor of the approaching emergency vehicles, resulting in reduced intersection crash rates by up to 70% and a 25% improvement in response times.

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70% reduction in intersection crash rates

Efficiency Icon


25% improvement in response times

Mobility Icon


48% increase in median travel speeds

Seamless Integration - Miovision

Advanced Algorithms:

Miovision Opticom detects and prioritizes emergency vehicles in near real-time, decreasing incident response times and improving safety for first responders.


Seamless Integration:

Miovision Opticom is a flexible system that allows seamless hardware integration and compatibility with existing devices on both vehicles and intersections.


Cloud-based Solutions:

Miovision Opticom is scalable across multiple districts, ensuring connectivity across intersections to make priority control requests.

Priority Vehicle - Miovision

Relative Priority:

Miovision Opticom compares vehicles and prioritizes them based on their classification to give the green light to the highest priority vehicle.


Incident Priority:

Miovision Opticom enables preemption for vehicles dispatched only to high-priority incidents reducing preemption calls per day, helping responders to get to the highest priority calls quickly and safely while limiting traffic disruptions.

Transit Signal Priority (TSP)

Transit Signal Priority - Miovision

Drive efficiency by providing a consistent, safe and predictable transit experience for your passengers with real-time priority, while reducing delays and cutting energy costs.

“…average signal delays improved by 43%, and average stops on red improved by 22%, enhancing both safety and efficiency for riders.”

Capital District Transportation Authority Case Study

The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) headquartered in Albany, New York implemented a pilot program to minimize schedule delays and improve operational efficiency across agencies by using Opticom’s Transit Signal Priority (TSP) technology. The results: average signal delays improved by 43%, and average stops on red improved by 22%, enhancing both safety and efficiency for riders.

Transit Reliability Icon

Transit Reliability:

40% reduction in transit delays.

On-Time Accuracy Icon

On-Time Accuracy:

20% better travel times and improved on-time performance.

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19% energy cost savings.

Ridership Boost Icon

Ridership Boost:

10% rise in ridership, leading to fewer emissions.

Advanced Schedule Management - Miovision

Advanced Schedule Management:

Miovision Opticom gives transit vehicles the ability to request priority based on the time of day, the direction of travel, passenger load, lateness, etc.

Vehicle Prioritization - Miovision

Vehicle Prioritization:

Miovision Opticom analyzes and prioritizes vehicles based on several factors to ensure optimal traffic flow.

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