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Core DCM - Miovision

Miovision Core®

Building on the strengths of the TrafficLink platform, Miovision Core and Miovision Core DCM provide next-generation capabilities to help you remotely manage your traffic network today and into the future.

The all-in-one, easy to install hardware platform provides powerful data and analytics at the intersection to support in-cabinet communications, remote monitoring, traffic operations, and traffic management solutions.

Miovision Core DCM is FirstNet Ready and available for use on FirstNet, Built with AT&T.

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Built Open Icon

Built open

Seamless integration with existing infrastructure helps future-proof cabinets

Accessible Data Icon

Accessible data

Cities own their data and can create and deploy applications using our APIs.

Connected Network Icon

Connected network

Teams can remotely and securely monitor, update, and configure every hardware device

Easy To Scale Icon

Easy to scale

New hardware and software is easy to add to intersections as needed. Automatic updates enable new functionality as it becomes available.

Real-Time Traffic Management - Miovision

Real-time traffic management

Remotely monitor cabinets and detect events that help you understand your infrastructure better and improve traffic experiences.

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Make Better Planning Decisions - Miovision

Make better planning decisions

Unlock the data and insights that can be collected at intersections, including multimodal detection, 24/7 turning movement counts, engineering studies, and vehicle classification.

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Robust, All-Weather Cameras - Miovision

Robust, all-weather cameras

Miovision SmartView cameras are compatible with all Trafficlink hardware devices and can provide a 360° view of the intersection, or provide a view of vehicles approaching your intersection from 500 ft (152 m) away.

SmartView 360° Datasheet
SmartView Approach Datasheet.

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