Miovision TrafficLink hardware

Unlock the potential of your intersections

Turn any intersection into a smart intersection

Today’s traffic solutions set the stage for tomorrow’s smart cities. Start laying the foundation with Miovision TrafficLink hardware.

Traffic data in an instant. Miovision SmartLink

Make your old traffic hardware smarter. SmartLink can read the data from any existing controllers and cabinet devices, and transforms it into meaningful insights. No upgrades required.

  • Replace up to eight cabinet devices with one SmartLink
  • Remotely access everything in your traffic cabinet
  • Integrates with NEMA and TEES traffic cabinets

360-degree view. Miovision SmartView 360

Experience a bird’s eye view of your intersections in real time and review historical footage in high resolution.

  • Access your video footage securely from the cloud
  • No surprises, no data overage, no unexpected fees
  • Built to withstand extreme weather conditions

Miovision SmartSense

Improve traffic flow, create safer streets, and make better planning decisions using the world’s most advanced traffic AI.

  • Enable vehicle detection with full actuation
  • Generate 24-hour traffic studies including TMCs, pedestrians, cyclists, and classification of vehicle type
  • Detect parking violations, safety hazards, and traffic incidents

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Miovision TrafficLink

Video Detection

Video detection doesn’t need to be difficult
Miovision TrafficLink

Intersection Monitoring

Your hassle-free traffic assistant
Miovision TrafficLink

Continuous Counts

Because every road user counts
Miovision TrafficLink

Safety Analytics

A data-driven approach towards Vision Zero
Miovision TrafficLink

Managed Connectivity

The practical way to a smarter traffic cabinet
Miovision Traffop

Performance Measures

Real-time data to provide actionable insights

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