Understand demand to safely and efficiently move traffic through your cities

Optimize traffic flow safely and efficiently. Reliable and accurate presence
and pulse detection to control, identify and handle demand, and reduce the
number of opportunities for traffic incidents to occur.

Designed For Reliability - Miovision

Designed for Reliability

Doesn’t fail due to wear and tear or construction. Hardware and algorithms designed for challenging environments with optimized accuracy and performance.

  • Engineered for optimal performance providing you with consistent results in all climates
  • Rugged commercial-grade components ensure maximum product life
  • Optimal design means fewer issues at the intersection and fewer citizen complaints
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Complete, Accurate Data - Miovision

Complete, accurate data

Industry's most advanced computer vision techniques and tools for optimal performance and analysis

  • Detection metrics for occupancy ratios, arrivals on red, arrivals on green, and phase interval
  • Access rolling 90-day count data for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians
  • Optional advance detection data for vehicles approaching the intersection
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Computer Vision Techniques - Miovision

Easy to install and maintain

Non-invasive installation regardless of intersection layout for minimal disruption to your traffic network saving you time and resources

  • Above ground installation is easy to install and troubleshoot with minimal downtime
  • Remote and roadside access allows you to configure devices to fit your workflow
  • Supports up to six cameras and customize detection zones across all lanes of traffic at the intersection or as vehicles approach
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Evolve With The Change - Miovision

Evolve with the changing needs of your city

Versatile platform that can expand to fit your changing needs without adding more hardware in your traffic cabinet.

  • Full stack solution that can manage communications, monitor your cabinets and receive alerts (may require additional software)
  • Open API for custom ITS applications
  • Integration with a growing partner network that leverages our platform so you can get the most out of your Miovision hardware
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