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  • Lack Of Actionable Safety Data - Miovision

    Lack of Actionable Safety Data

    Many traffic safety programs focus on road design, physical infrastructure, and signage. While these tactics do improve safety, they are generally capital projects – which are slow and expensive to roll out – and don’t produce data to help cities identify safety hazards.

    Identifying Safety Risks

    Identifying unsafe intersections is only useful if you can identify the underlying hazards. You need to look at compliance hazards – such as red light running and jaywalking – and use data to shine a light on why there are road dangers. These insights help cities know where to look and how to make a change to improve safety.

  • Protecting Vulnerable Citizens On The Road - Miovision

    Protecting Vulnerable Citizens on the Road

    When you’re creating plans to make streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians, it’s important to understand the role technology can play. Without access to bicycle or pedestrian counts, or data to support safety surrogate measures, it’s difficult for cities to successfully measure and justify the engineering designs that solve traffic safety challenges.

    Measuring Impact of Counter Measures

    Safer streets need to be measurably safer. Identifying risks and hazards is only half the challenge. Traffic solutions should provide rich insight, backed by data, that enables cities to improve safety in ways that can be easily measured and repeated across the entire traffic network.

  • Elements of a Safer Street System

    Miovision solutions help solve 10x more traffic problems in a fraction of the time it takes other vendors to solve the same problems. Empower your traffic teams and give your citizens the traffic network they deserve.

    Safety analytics
    Signal communications
    Signal maintenance
    Video Detection
    Traffic Studies

    “We started with the goal of improving how we monitor our traffic signals, and now we’re working with Miovision to explore how to improve safety for pedestrians and help first responders get to emergencies more quickly.”



    Mark de la Vergne, Chief of Mobility Innovation, Detroit