Proudly Supporting American Roads and Safety

Discover how Miovision Hardware meets U.S. manufacturing standards.

Miovision is dedicated to not only innovating the way cities manage traffic but also to ensuring that our solutions like Miovision Core® and Miovision Opticom® support American jobs and manufacturing. Our products are designed with compliance in mind, meeting both the Buy America Act (“BAA”) and Build America Buy America (“BABA”) requirements, reinforcing our commitment to U.S. infrastructure.


Made in the USA


Miovision Core and Opticom products are assembled with precision by our contract manufacturer in Rochester, New York. This assembly process is meticulously designed to adhere to the requirements set forth by both BAA and BABA, ensuring that each component meets the highest standards of quality and compliance. 


Miovision Core Detection Solution Component


The following Miovision Core products and its various component pieces are in compliance with BAA and the BABA as implemented by the Federal Highway Administration (“FHWA”).

  • Miovision Core: The brain of our system, offering robust traffic management capabilities.
  • DCM (Detection and Counts Module): Advanced technology for accurate data collection.
  • SmartView™ 360 Camera(s): Provides comprehensive coverage and detailed traffic insights.
  • SmartView™ Approach Camera(s): Enhances intersection safety with precise monitoring.

Miovision Opticom Products


For Miovision Opticom, the products, as provided in the Compliance Letter linked below, comply with the  applicable requirements of BAA and BABA. With very few exceptions (due to unavoidable fluctuations in supply chain), all Opticom products comply with BAA and BABA requirements. For part numbers not listed, please contact us.

Proposed Changes to Buy America Requirements for Manufactured Products


Miovision reviewed the impact of the Federal Highway Administration’s proposed changes on our continuous ability to remain compliant and deliver best-in-class solutions to US public agencies. Please review our response to these changes below. 

Our Commitment to Compliance


If you have questions about how Miovision ensures compliance with BAA and BABA or how this benefits your projects, our team is ready to provide detailed information and support. Contact us to learn more about how Miovision can serve your needs while adhering to national manufacturing standards.