Customer Support Policy

Miovision Technologies Inc. (“Miovision”) provides cities with modern tools to fix today’s traffic problems. We recognize that in order to best serve our customers, proactive and responsive support is required to ensure our customers get the most value out of the platforms.

Miovision provides general maintenance services and technical support with installation, troubleshooting, and usage. In the event of upgrades and maintenance of software, we will make reasonable efforts to announce any scheduled downtime via email.

Contacting Customer Support

Support is available to customers and partners during business days Monday – Friday:

Customer Support Hours

Scout and Traffic Studies

9am to 5pm CET/CEST
7am to 6pm EDT/EST
Monday – Friday

ITS Solutions & TrafficLink

7am to 5pm EDT/EST
Monday – Friday

Contact Method


North America : 1-855-360-7752
Germany: +49 221 261 03451
France: 0800 916724
United Kingdom: 0800 0314065


Scout and Traffic Studies (Customer Support) :
ITS Solutions & TrafficLink* :

Online Resources (incl. Videos, FAQ, documentation etc.)

Miovision Help Site :
In-Application Chat: Intercom in Platform (login required)

Local partner support is also available to customers as applicable and agreed upon between the partner and customer.

*For Miovision’s ITS Solutions & TrafficLink-related products, we have a dedicated team of Technical Account Managers (TAMs), who work to scope and establish success criteria with each project. Our TAMs have extensive experience with cabinet setup, integration with Traffic Management Center, and other individual tool systems (e.g. central management systems, video management systems, cabinet device components). Each customer will have a single point of contact on the TAM team, even beyond initial installation and setup.The TAM will investigate, respond to and follow up on any logged tickets as tier 1 support. We also have an internal escalation process in the case that assistance is required from Miovision’s solutions, software, or hardware engineering teams.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Miovision has committed to targeting the following response times:

  • Email: 4 business hours

  • Phone / Voicemail: 30 minutes

  • In-Platform Chat: 4 business hours

Response will be provided by tier-1 Customer Support or TAM team and will be escalated to tier-2 as required.

Software Support

Miovision provides general maintenance services and technical support for software throughout a customer’s subscription term.

Software support does not include services required as a result of

  • Customer misuse, improper use, alteration, or damage of software

  • Any problem caused by modifications in a version of the software not made or authorized by Miovision

  • Any problem resulting from the customer combining or merging Miovision software with any software not supplied by Miovision, or not identified by Miovision as compatible with Miovision software

Hardware Support

As a managed service, Miovision monitors the health of all connected devices. In the event a failure is detected or maintenance is required (i.e. firmware upgrade), we will inform the customer (and partner as applicable) and execute the appropriate actions.

If there is a technical issue within the hardware, customers should report it to Customer Support for troubleshooting or replacement. To do so, please follow these steps:

1) Open a case with Customer Support by email, phone, live chat (in platform), or complete the online form and include these details:

  • The component serial number

  • Actions that were taken leading up to the technical issue

  • Environmental factors that might be significant

  • A description of the issue, or the symptoms caused by the issue

  • Actions that were taken after you encountered the issue, if applicable

2) If a part is defective and requires replacement:

  • A replacement component is shipped immediately
    – The default delivery service is 3-5 business days.
    – Charges apply if the component warranty has expired.

  • An RMA reference number is provided

  • A UPS shipping label to return the defective component to Miovision is included with the shipment of the replacement component.
    – Required customs documents for the shipment are submitted automatically online.

3) To prepare the return shipment:

  • Attach the UPS shipping label directly to the outside of the package.

  • Clearly mark the package with the RMA reference number that you were provided.

  • Contact UPS for pick-up or visit the nearest UPS store or depot. See the section “Getting your shipment to UPS” on the UPS return label for more details.

In the event that hardware needs to be replaced, Miovision offers an Advanced Replacement option of the malfunctioning unit designed to minimize the amount of downtime experienced at the intersection. Receipt of an advanced replacement will require written confirmation that failure to return the defective hardware within the specified time frame may result in the recipient of the replacement hardware being charged for the amount of its cost.


Miovision will support and provide ongoing customer training to ensure customers are getting the most value out of the platforms. Miovision (and any applicable partners) will provide proactive customer engagement support that helps drive utilization and product adoption. Access to training videos, webinars, and documentation are also available at the Miovision Help Site.

Installation, configuration, and training services are detailed in customized Statements of Work.