Miovision Scout® Plus

Download the Miovision Scout® Plus User Guide for detailed setup instructions.

Installation quick reference guide


  1. Select an appropriate mounting post that is free of obstacles and has a clear view of the area under study.

  2. Extend the kickstand to raise up the polemount, then securely fasten the ratchet straps to the mounting post. Lock both.

  3. Attach the camera to the top of the camera pole at an appropriate angle for where the device is relative to the area under study.

  4. Remove the security shroud.

  5. Mount the VCU, insert the security thumbscrew, and attach the video patch cable.

  6. Insert the batteries and the SD card.

  7. Turn the device on and verify the camera is operating well by checking the live view.

  8. Raise the camera pole.  If required, the clamping collar (bottom collar) will allow the pole to rotate.

  9. Securely lock the fifth, sixth, and seventh collars, and the clamping collar with the security screwdriver.

  10. Follow the appropriate study set up process for Onboard Processing and or Speed studies

  11. Replace the security shroud and lock it. Close the VCU door and lock it.

Support Case Process


If you encounter issues when using Miovision products, Miovision Customer Support is ready to help. We are also available to answer general questions that you may have about our products and services.

Open a case here for assistance with


  • Scout Plus Hardware

  • Traffic Data Online

  • DataLink

To help ensure a prompt response and a quick resolution, inquiries are handled using a “case” system.


Case Numbers
When a case is opened, you receive an automated email with a case number. This number is used to track all the information related to your case so that we can effectively help you, even if a specific representative becomes unavailable.


Follow Ups
When you respond to emails sent from the case (whether they’re automated or from the representative), the emails are collected, so that all the case history is consolidated and easily accessible.


Cases Closed
After a resolution has been provided, the case is closed and you receive another automated email. If you think that the case was closed prematurely, simply reply to the email and we’ll continue to help you. Please note: Your case will permanently close after 3 days without response. If this occurs, you must open a new support ticket. The “case closed” email also includes a link to a short survey, where you can provide feedback on the service you received.


New Incidents
A case number is used to track a specific incident, problem, or question. If you have a new question after another case is resolved and closed, open a new case or call us at 1-855-360-7752. By opening a new case, you receive the quickest response as the first available representative answers you.


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