The Intersection Podcast: The Women of Miovision Take Over to Celebrate International Women’s Month and Dive into Women in the Mobility Sector

Team Miovsion is excited to introduce a special edition of The Intersection Podcast where the spotlight is on the incredible women of Miovision. In honour of International Women’s Month, we’re handing over the mic to these trailblazers to dive into the world of mobility.

In this live-taping episode, you’ll hear from four inspiring female leaders at Miovision as they share their firsthand experiences in the traditionally male-dominated tech transportation sector. From navigating challenges to embracing diverse perspectives, Jill Jutzi, Candice Sarnecki, Josie Watchorn, and Karli Jensen join our host Addie Denison to explore the crucial role of women in driving innovation and problem-solving within the industry.