Miovision Core®

Powering the next generation of software solutions at the intersection

Modular and scalable

Building on the strengths of the TrafficLink platform, Miovision Core® and Miovision Core DCM provide accuracy and reliability in a more powerful, compact device that can evolve with your traffic needs.

  • 50% more video processing power to support computer vision applications
  • Modular and compact with a reduced cabinet footprint
  • Support for multiple, simultaneous applications to maximize the value and performance of your infrastructure - now and into the future

Miovision SmartView 360

Compatible with all TrafficLink hardware devices, this 4K resolution, 9 megapixel camera provides:

  • An all-weather, 360° view of the intersection
  • Secure, 24/7 access to real-time and historical video

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Performance Measures

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