Webinar recording: Smarter traffic signals for a smarter city


Learn how you can transform your city’s traffic signal into the ultimate smart city tool. Exclusively for transportation and public works professionals, this webinar will show you how to connect your intersections, acquire data, monitor traffic, and generate insights for better traffic planning.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Easily Connect & Collect Data From your Traffic Signals
  • Enable Instant & Secure Cellular Connectivity
  • Monitor Your Intersections in Real Time
  • Get Instant Alerts on Issues & Maintenance
  • Generate and Share Insights and Metrics
  • Easily Save Hundreds of Thousands in Initial Infrastructure Costs

About the speaker


Dave Bullock
Managing Director, ITS

Dave Bullock is the Managing Director of ITS at Miovision.

He will guide you through the TrafficLink, Miovision’s smart  traffic signal solution employed by leading transportation professionals. From connectivity to advanced data analytics, he’ll show you how you can easily transform your traffic signals into the ultimate smart city tool.