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It’s now easier than ever to optimize your intersections with reliable, accurate video detection.

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Miovision solutions can help improve mobility and liveability in cities of all sizes. Dive deeper to learn how these cities are using Miovision solutions to improve the lives of citizens today.

The Miovision Smart City

When you choose Miovision as a foundation for your smart city, you get a platform that solves your immediate traffic problems, while laying the foundation to help meet all your future needs. The Miovision smart city is designed to help your city achieve the following six impacts:

Open Innovation

Open architecture benefits cities more than any other technology today by:

  • Helping cities avoid vendor lock-in and procure a variety of solutions
  • Providing a basis for cross-vendor collaboration
  • Future-proofing infrastructure
  • Creating an ecosystem that fosters innovation with partners, academia, and other departments

Safer Streets

Every year, more than 1 million people die in traffic-related collisions around the world.

There are many ways in which Miovision solutions make streets safer for all citizens today. And, we’re working on additional solutions that will completely revolutionize the approach to safety in the future.

The World’s Smartest Intersection, a technology demonstration with the City of Detroit, shows how we make streets safer for all citizens.

Reduced Congestion

As the global urban population continues to grow, cities must manage the impact on congestion.

Miovision provides access to the insights cities need to improve overall mobility, which cuts down on roadway delays, ultimately reducing congestion.

Complete Streets

Smart cities are beginning to evolve their urban planning to be inclusive of all modes of transportation – not just cars.

But, in order to do so, they need accurate data to help develop their master transportation plans.

Miovision provides access to the insights you need to increase safety, improve mobility, and reduce congestion on city roadways.

Emissions and Air Quality

Delays due to traffic congestion translate into billions of gallons of wasted fuel, they also cost cities billions of dollars. Miovision provides insights to help improve mobility in your city.

Miovision solutions can help you reduce vehicle congestion and user delays on city roadways, resulting in better fuel economy – and ultimately – lower CO2 emissions.

Innovative Traffic Teams

Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O) is an essential function of any city and municipal agency, especially with the limited financial resources and increasing demands for transportation improvements.

With Miovision, you can leverage technology to make the operation of your existing transportation systems more efficient, and access the insights your teams need to improve overall mobility in your city.