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Jul 31, 2022 - Aug 03, 2022

Event: ITE New Orleans Annual Meeting 2022

Join Miovision and thousands of traffic experts at the ITE New Orleans Annual Meeting. This year’s theme is Investing in our Future, and our traffic experts will be demonstrating how our solutions and products are creating new opportunities to solve real-world traffic problems today and in the future.

How we help

Miovision is focused on solving the real-world traffic problems of today and tomorrow. Choose a future-proof solution that evolves with your city’s needs.

What we offer

Collect and analyze data, manage traffic remotely, measure performance, and so much more with our innovative and easy-to-use products.

  • Traffic Engineering

    Miovision Scout

    Collect data you can trust, for insights you can use.

    • Set it up in 5 minutes and take it down even faster
    • Boost efficiency and spend less time in the field
    • Complete your projects from start to finish using just one device
  • Intelligent Transportation

    Miovision TrafficLink

    The Miovision TrafficLink platform helps traffic engineers create more responsive and efficient traffic networks

    • Detect vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, with a single camera – all at once
    • Create fully actuated control plans in seconds
    • Real-time recognition for advanced V2I integrations
  • Automated Signal Performance Measures

    Miovision Traffop

    Keep your traffic network in optimal performance with automated signal performance measures.

    • Produce performance metrics across an entire traffic network
    • Automatically identify traffic inefficiencies with actionable insights and dashboards
    • Data-driven decision making

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