Our culture

Miovision started with three friends at the University of Waterloo who looked at how cities and engineering firms conducted traffic studies and saw an opportunity to revolutionize an industry. That insight helped make Miovision a leading authority on traffic data. And, we’ve only begun – we believe that we can help cities begin their evolution towards smart cities by starting at the intersection.

A willingness to passionately pursue opportunities that others miss has shaped the culture of Miovision. Our shorthand for this culture is a ‘culture of courage’ and it’s best summed it by three core traits:


Trust no border

Start with trust

Changing existing markets and industries isn’t easy. Winning only happens if we pull together and execute effectively as a team. That’s why we continually remind ourselves to start with trust – to assume our colleagues share our desire to drive towards effective solutions.

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Own it

Driving change isn’t just about thinking big. To succeed, you have to realize your aspirations. That’s why everyone at Miovision strives to treat the company like we own it. That means we succeed – and fail – together through our shared commitment, determination and grit.

Dare no border

Dare greatly

Miovision relishes in pushing boundaries and driving change. We’re curious and we love to challenge the status quo. We’re passionate about making a positive impact  within our community, our industry and in cities around the world.

Would I fit in this culture?

Do the following describe you? If so – you’ll probably feel at-home at Miovision!

You love turning ideas into reality

You believe that ideas are powerful, and you want to see yours come to life. Your career is more than a job – it’s an opportunity to make a real impact on the world around you.

You are self-driven

You create your own path at Miovision. You’re encouraged to apply your strengths and passions where they can be used most effectively.

You know leadership is more than a title

At Miovision, it doesn’t matter if your job title has the word “Manager” in it. Anyone is welcome to develop their leadership skills, own projects, and even lead teams. For us, leadership is about recognizing the potential in people and ideas – and having the courage to help develop that potential.

You need the freedom to think critically

You do your best work when you lean into your curiosity, are given the freedom to analyze problems from different angles, and find the best solution. Complexity challenges but motivates you, and you thrive on this.

Building a culture beyond the Foosball table – featuring our CEO Kurtis McBride

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