Bellevue’s revolutionized Traffic Signal Management with Opticom

“The benefits were immediate,” said Whiteaker. “We can check out activity logs and preemption activity and even identify specific vehicles using signal preemption. We can isolate issues in real time and make smarter and faster maintenance decisions.”

“Our primary goal is to use signal preemption to reach those in need faster. Opticom® CMS allows us to do that more cost-effectively.”

– Mike Whiteaker,
Intelligent Transportation Systems Manager,

Bellevue, with its thriving downtown and proximity to Seattle, faced mounting traffic pressures driven by a population exceeding 130,000 and increased urban activity. Managing the growing number of motorists became a priority, particularly concerning emergency response times for agencies like the Bellevue Fire and Police Department.

While Opticom Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) control had been instrumental in enhancing emergency response times, Bellevue recognized the need for a more efficient maintenance strategy. With a rising number of motorists, the challenge was to streamline routine maintenance tasks at the city’s 185 intersections without compromising budget constraints.

Bellevue initiated a strategic transition from Opticom Infrared (IR) System components to Opticom Multimode. They also embraced Opticom Central Management Software (CMS), a solution that operates through ethernet connections at intersections. This innovation allows them to relay critical data to their centralized Traffic Management Center, opening new avenues for real-time monitoring and smart decision making.  

Unlock the case study to learn more about how Opticom improved the city’s operations.

Bellevue Experienced Immediate Benefits with Opticom

  • Real time information about signal preemption at each intersections
  • Faster maintenance minimizing interference with traffic flow and avoiding on-site visits
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Reaching accidents faster

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