Enhancing Emergency Response: Brookhaven’s Journey to Safer and Faster Outcomes with Opticom

“The men and women who provide vital emergency services to our communities are local heroes. The OpticomTM GPS system helps them fulfill their mission of saving lives.”

– Daniel P. Losquardro,

Superintendent of Highways,

Town of Brookhaven, New York

Brookhaven, with its 8 villages and 52 hamlets on Long Island, faced traffic challenges compounded by a population nearing 500,000 and limited public transportation options. Recognizing the need to facilitate emergency response amid gridlocked roadways, city officials implemented an Opticom Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) solution across 500 intersections and nearly 3,000 miles of roads. 

Brookhaven embraced the innovative Opticom GPS priority control technology to address the challenges posed by its distinctive geography. Impressed by the legacy of Opticom IR and guided by positive experiences with Opticom representatives, Brookhaven officials marveled at the capabilities of the GPS based system.

To learn more about Brookhaven’s experience with Opticom EVP, download the case study.  

The Opticom GPS technology, with reliable radio-based communications, promised to minimize maintenance costs and enhance control over intersections for safer and swifter emergency response. The transition from Opticom IR to GPS provided Brookhaven with immediate benefits.

  • Extended range, ensuring preemption signals are cleared well in advance
  • Real time information, ensuring precise timing modifications for traffic control
  • Faster and safer response, the Opticom system provided a clear path for first responders
  • Easy maintenance of the system

Download the Case Study

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